SME Business Advisory Program

Forsyte are certified providers

SME Business Advisory Program

Forsyte have been approved as a certified provider for the SME Business Advisory Service Program. We can work with you to take your business to the next level. Contact us for more information and ask our friendly team if this is the right opportunity for your business.

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SME Business Advisory Program

The South Australian Government has assistance programs to help start, run and grow your business. You will need to review the guidelines and eligibility criteria before commencing your application process.

Outlined below are two government assisted grants and support programs which may be beneficial to you;

1. The SME Business Advisory Services Program

The SME Business Advisory Services Program helps eligible small and medium-sized businesses access professional services to grow and transform their business.

Open to any business type or industry sector, applicants are eligible to apply for a maximum of $10,000 (excluding GST) to get access to professional business advice in key areas. If approved, this funding can help support business growth and transformation, and contribute to future business viability.

Professional services which businesses can access through the funding include:

  • business planning
  • marketing
  • e-commerce
  • workforce planning
  • transformation of business and operating models
  • identification of new business opportunities, including research and development
  • analysis of growth opportunities
  • information technology
  • business future-proofing, including how to maximise technology
  • business continuity planning (including both emergency planning and managing occurrences such as supply chain disruptions)

other advice as deemed appropriate by the assessment panel where the Applicant can demonstrate the benefit of transformation and growth to their business

Applicants must provide matched funding equal to the grant amount sought, and will need to demonstrate how Forsyte will contribute to supporting your business through transformation and growth opportunities. Talk to us about the services listed above, and which of these we can provide you with expertise and support.

2. Small Business Grant

The Small Business Grant: Covid-19 Assistance is available for businesses who do and do not employ staff.

The Government of South Australia has established a Small Business Grant Program to support South Australian small businesses that employ staff and those that do not employ staff and are a participant in the Commonwealth Government’s extended JobKeeper Payment scheme from 28 September 2020 (JobKeeper extension 1) or; from 4 January 2021 (JobKeeper extension 2).

Non-employing Business – Eligible businesses will be provided with a once-off $3,000 grant to support them in these unprecedented circumstances.

Employing Business – Eligible businesses will be provided with a once-off $10,000 grant to support them in these unprecedented circumstances.

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